Color E-ScanE-Scan Refractometer

The MPR E-Scan is a hybrid-digital critical angle in-line process refractometer.  It is used to measure the refractive index of process fluids and may be used as an error indicator or an integral part of a complete process control system.  Refractive index can be directly correlated to dissolved solids and displayed as Brix, percent, or other measurement unit.



MDS Monitor Divert SystemMonitor Divert System

The MDS Monitor Divert System is specifically designed to be BLRBAC compliant for monitoring pulp & paper black liquor solids before they enter a recovery boiler.  It consists of two completely independent MPR E-Scan refractometers with a separate monitor console that supervises the proper operation of each refractometer and applies the proper divert or alarm actions should a fault or low solids liquor be detected.


DSA Dissolved Solids AnalyzerDissolved Solids Analyzer

The DSA E-Scan is an automatic, bench-top, critical angle refractometer with a digital readout and temperature-controlled sample chamber. It quickly and convienently measures the critical angle of refraction of virtually any sample fluid that the in-line MPR E-Scan is used to on.  The reading directly correlates to various measurements including percent dissolved solids, Brix, and refractive index providing a secondary reference that is much faster than most laboratory methods.


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