Industrial Inline Process Refractometer Products - Electron Machine Corp.

Our Mission - As a pioneer in developing the industrial use of refractive index, our ruggedly designed instruments provide safe, reliable, and accurate process measurement and control. The combination of our excellent service with a commitment to fulfilling the needs of our customers allows us to strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Electron Machine manufactures the world's most rugged industrial, inline refractometers used in pulp & paper processing, chemical production, and food and beverage processing.

MPR E-Scan™ Refractometer

The MPR E-Scan™ is a hybrid-digital critical angle inline process refractometer. It is used to measure the refractive index of process fluids.

MDS Monitor Divert System

A BLRBAC compliant Black Liquor solids monitoring system designed specifically for Black Liquor recovery boilers.

DSA Dissolved Product Analyzer

The DSA E-Scan™ is an automatic, bench-top critical angle refractometer with a digital readout and temperature-controlled sample chamber.

DCR E-Scan™ Refractometer

The DCR E-Scan™ is a hybrid-digital, critical angle refractometer used to measure the refractive index of process fluids.

Mounting Adapters

Mounting adapters available for the MPR E-Scan™ refractometer designed and modified with decades of field experience to provide the most successful installation.

Prism Cleaning Systems

Refraction is dependent on having a clean interface between the measurement device and the process. Prism cleaning systems provide a convenient and thorough cleaning process.