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The Electron Machine Corporation has been accurately measuring milk and sugar concentrations in the food industry for over 25 years using our rugged and reliable refractometers. The refractometer directly measures dissolved solids, which can be easily converted to Brix. This measurement is unaffected by bubbles or suspended particles.

The Electron Machine MPR E-Scan™ refractometer is used to measure both the dairy concentration as well as the sweetener (sucrose, fructose, etc.) Brix level going into the mixing tank.
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This in-line measurement allows real-time trimming of both ingredients to meet the final target concentration in the mixing tank. Additional measurement of the mixed product is used for further adjustments to the composition before packaging.

Electron Machine Corporation recommends using three MPR E-Scan™ refractometers installed in the dairy line, the sweetener line and in the mixing vessel. We offer a variety of pipeline adapters in addition to a weld-in configuration for direct measurement in the mixing vessel. All installation options are designed and manufactured to appropriate 3-A Sanitary Standards.
Image Copyright Electron Machine Corp. All rights reserved.
Image Copyright Electron Machine Corp. All rights reserved.


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