Sulphuric Acid

EMC H2SO4 Inline AdapterThe MPR E-Scan is well suited for measuring the strength of Sulphuric Acid. The sensing head is custom built for this application with either Hastelloy C or Alloy 20 wetted parts (other alloys also available). The non-wetted parts and the interconnection cable can be Teflon® coated for added protection. The preferred mounting adapter is a lined diaphram valve body with a custom Teflon® mounting block. If coating is an issue, an in-line adapter manufactured from Alloy 20 (or other alloys) can be used along with a hand-operated cleaner machined from the same material.

Sulphuric Acid has a unique refractive index curve (see graph) that peaks at 88%. If the desired measurement range includes this peak value, the MPR E-Scan, with its multi-range capability, can be calibrated to accurately measure both below and above 88%.

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EMC H2SO4 Lined Adapter

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